Sunday, July 14, 2013

Show and Tell

Zim gives us a new adventure every day.  God reminds us every day of His glory and sovereignty, but also how desperately the world needs hope.  We strongly and thankfully ask that you pray for the people we've met that we've been able to share the Gospel with.  Many of these people we know we might not see again, but many we see on a daily basis.  We ask that God continues to work in their hearts, and for the people we see daily, that He continues to use us to speak to them.  

Please pray for the orphan ministries we're working with, and the lasting impact we can have with the kids with only a week left of ministry.  Also, pray for unforseen issues with ministry pertaining to issues surrounding the region, and that we're able to continue as planned in our areas of service.  Be on the lookout for more pics/posts over the next couple of days!  

Meeting kids for the first time at EW Childrens Home.

Taking a walk to the "local" dam during a visit to the Bush.  Many of the surrounding villages must walk nearly an hour to fetch water from the dam, which is also used to water livestock, do laundry and bathe.

Caitlin and one of the cihldren who attends the VBS type outreach projects.
Working with kids during a local outreach. 

Working with Form Zeros (Kindergarteners) during a trip to the Bush
Washing hands- pivotal prior to EVERY African meal
Clashing Cultures = One Body of Christ

Waking up from a night of sleeping under the stars in the Bush

Candle-lit church service
Walking on paths of African soil.  Zimbabwe hasn't seen plentiful rain since
January, which promise for dust covered everything, anywhere you go.

Bonding with friends before a night of sleeping under the stars.
Starting off what should of been a 3 hour car ride into the bush,
 which ended up closer to 6.5 hours.

Women washing at the base of the dam.

Taking a stroll during one of our visits to the Bush

Prepping for the 4th...a lack of white chocolate calls for
crafty thinking.  We went with yogurt.

Huts at one of the Orphan caring centers