Saturday, July 6, 2013

Lessons in Faithfulness

This summer, God has taught me so much of His faithfulness. When I first got here, I struggled with my purpose in  being here. I asked God to please give me a sign as to what His plan was in this. He has been faithful to show me. It's not even in big, miraculous things. I'm seeing God's faithfulness as to why I am supposed to be here this summer in the little things:
  • When I hear a girl playing a new song she has learned on the guitar
  • Listening to the ever-present sound of the piano being played loudly
  • When Ma Em, a helper that works in the home, brings in our merienda (afternoon snack)
  • When I hear the sound of footsteps when the girls finally arrive home from school
  • The sound of girls shouting, "Tita (Aunt), come here!'' 
  • Getting hundreds of hugs from beautiful Filipina girls each day... just because
  • Goodnight kisses
  • Saying "Mahal kita (I love you)" and hearing the reply "Mas mahal kita! (I love you more!)" 
  • Hearing girls pray to our God in a language you cannot understand, except when they say your own name, thanking God so much for you 
  • Listening to the girl's beautiful voices sings praises to our God 
  • Laughing so hard with my teammates I can't stop the tears 
  • Crying with my teammates when things get hard 
  • Holding babies in the pregnancy clinic as their mothers have their checkups 
  • Walking through the villages, handing out food and vitamins to the starving children 
  • Riding in a Jeepney, packed in like sardines with all the other passengers 
  • Taking a cold shower to cool off after a long, sweaty day 
  • Meeting someone at the supermarket that is hungering for the Gospel, and getting to share with them
None of these things are huge revelations. God hasn't shone down a light from Heaven saying "My Child, this is what my will for you is." But I'm realizing He doesn't have to. Each day, this list of things happen. And each time, I hear God softly whisper, "THIS is why you're here."  That's when I realize that it couldn't be more clear that this is exactly where I'm supposed to be.

I ask that you pray for health for my teammates and me. Our stomachs are not agreeing with many of us. It is extremely hot here, and it's easy to get dehydrated. I ask that you pray also that we will be mindful of the Gospel at all times, letting it change us daily, and changing the lives of the people around us. Pray that relationships with our girls in the JAZ home will continue to be built so we can love them like Jesus wants us to. Thank you so much for all your prayers and support!
Mahal kita!