Saturday, July 6, 2013

Bible studies & selfless kindness

God has gone before us like He said He would and prepared the way.  The people are so eager to have Bible studies and learn about God.  They want a relationship with God but they are confused about how to get one.  There are so many lies of satan that have been promoted that they are blind to the Truth.  They have been taught for so long that good works will earn them salvation and good intentions will get them to heaven.  I have learned while here that only God can change their hearts and make known the mystery of the Gospel to them.  All I can do is tell them about it and trust that God will do the work in them.

The home Bible studies going really well.  Pretty much everyone we have talked to wants to come and we have set up four different Bible studies.  The problem we are having is not having enough time to have as many bible studies as people want to have!  And I’m glad that if we are going to have a problem that that is our problem. 

In other news, living in the village has been a great experience.  I am learning what I can live with and what I can live without.  For instance, we don’t have a refrigerator or a dishwasher or a washing machine.  But we are managing fine without them!  And did you know that eggs don’t need to be refrigerated?  They don’t refrigerate them here and I have eaten them and not gotten sick. Not having much brings out the kindness in people.  The grandfather that lives next door always pumps water for us and brings it to the house and asks nothing in return.  That is such selfless kindness.  And the barangay captain has given up his home for us to live in it this summer.  What a sacrifice!  I’m blown away by the hospitality the people have shown us. 

Yes, I miss my family.  Yes, I want a piece of fried chicken and granny’s macaroni .  Yes, I wish I could take a shower instead of a bucket bath sometimes.  But I would eat only rice everyday and take all the bucket baths in the world just so that one of them could know the Lord.  That’s what keeps me going and motivates me to stay here and to love them like God loves them.