Monday, July 1, 2013

Community of believers

Turned out that we did not get to go to the children's home this past week but that we will actually be leaving for that trip in a few days and staying for two weeks. This past week we have been building/remodeling a storage area on the demonstration farm to be made into a new training area. We have taken out old structural beams that were no longer safe and replaced with new ones, we also had to put in door frames. We built a foundation for a wall and then built up the new walls. All that remains is to build doors and put the last finishing touches on it.

This morning we taught English to the local neighborhood kids and tomorrow we will lead Bible study at church for the youth. Tomorrow is a special Sunday because we will not be going out to the village, instead on the last Sunday of each month, all the local missionaries come to our office and we worship together. I am so excited to be united with all of our brothers and sisters to give glory to our Father together as one. It will be a day of coming together and building up and sharing stories of what God is doing and then we will spread back out so that others may hear the Gospel. Our team is so excited to share in this community of believers.

We are building deeper & deeper relationships with our hosts here as well as their partners in ministry. We are getting to know their families and hear their stories of what Christ has done in their lives and is doing now. It is such a blessing and is a constant reminder of Christ is true and is who He says He is… a redeemer for all. 

Some prayer requests for this week:

  • unity among our group 
  • being alert for opportunities to share Christ 
  • safety as we travel & work 
  • locating persons of peace as we go out 
  • a larger and greater picture of God than we had yesterday 
  • protection and awareness against Satan's attacks  
  • that people would identify us by our love for people

Thank you so much for your faithfulness in prayer and encouragement!