Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Going for a "walk"

On Wednesday night we went for a walk with 3 new friends. These new friends happen to be sisters. The youngest of the three, Cinderella, attends our English Clubs twice a week. This is how we've gotten to know her & her sisters, Jasmine & Belle.  We are still getting acquainted with the culture & learning what different terms such as walking mean. We met up with the 3 girls at the park, which is a central & common location in the city. After a while we began to get a better grasp on the definition of walking. Instead of walking through the park, our evening consisted of ice cream, pizza, & cokes (in that order).  We spend a few hours on our walk and had some really good conversations. We have enjoyed getting to know these friends. We have invited them to come to dinner tomorrow (July 2) night. 
Please be praying as we continue to build these relationships & further our conversations with them.