Monday, July 1, 2013


This morning, God is at work in my heart.  

One day last week, as I was outside praying, my prayer was for a broken heart for the people here. God heard my prayer, and He undeniably responded shortly after that time alone with Him. 

The same night, a few of the girls in Bible study at the home shared with me their stories. Their stories in detail of abuse, abandonment, darkness, and pain caused my heart to sink. The terrible things that they have endured caused my heart to be broken in a way I have never experienced before in my life. In that moment, I was disgusted and angry at the memories that will always be in their minds. 

However, I have seen and heard how God has lovingly wrapped His arms around them and adopted them as His daughters. This is so precious and speaks volumes to me about the love of our Savior. To Him be the Glory for how He is healing their hearts. Pray that I will find strength in Him each day, as I share Jesus' love with them. 

Yesterday, my friends and I met a Muslim woman in a market and bought an item from her. She was so thankful that we had visited her. As we were talking, I realized she had never heard the Gospel before. The Lord led me to share with her the grace and truth of who Jesus is. As we talked, I prayed.  She was open to hearing, but was not ready to accept yet. She said she would like more time to learn more about what I just shared with her. As we continued our conversation, the Holy Spirit guided my words in a way that I cannot describe. I gave her my Bible from my backpack and shared with her scripture. Before leaving, I prayed with her.  Please pray that this woman will accept the Gospel and be free from the bondage of her religion.

Please pray for more opportunities for our team to share the Gospel with people around us.