Monday, July 1, 2013

A Few Pictures for Catchup

God has been moving in amazing ways over the past few days, but as is the life of God's people, there have been many hardships.  Spiritual warfare can be tough, please pray that our team remains unified, for our health and individual emotional well-being as we go.

For the next week, we're headed to the bush.  We understand the things we will experience there will be quite unlike what we've experienced so far.  Pray for our endurance and that God will guide our paths to people of peace where we'll be serving.
Soup Kitchen with Bulawayo Baptist Church

Urban Africa remains nicer than we expected, with paved
roads, European coffee shops and pizza parlors

Adrian, a child at one of the orphanages just blocks from our house

The team taking a stroll around our neighborhood
A few of our 5 year old Form 0 (kindergarten) friends who quickly took it upon themselves to
help teach us how to "click" in Ndebele

Lunchtime gone hectic at a local primary school
Improv play equiptment

Students in a classroom of one of the local primary schools we've been able to invest in
Our home for the next 2 months (see Welcome Home! blog post)
A "homestead" in the bush
Helping kids with homework/coloring/giant sing-a-long at EW Childrens Home