Sunday, June 30, 2013

Hope for Homewood

Today we got the awesome opportunity to work with a non profit organization called Living in Liberty.  This organization reaches out to the rougher part of the community and provides support for women victims of human trafficking and drug abuse.

One of the main purposes of this event was to make ties with Homewood and so that Living in Liberty can reach out even more to the hurt that is in that community.

For several weeks the organization has been collecting all kinds of clothing.  This afternoon we set up and organized the clothing for the people in Homewood.

Everything there was free, there was free food and drinks, and anyone who came by could get up to two free outfits and one free accessory.  There was face painting and coloring for the kids.  There were also some Christian rappers. It was a party!

In the beginning it was pretty empty, so a few other women and I went out into the community and invited anyone we saw.  It ended up being a pretty big event.

Through this, I decided that I love street ministry.  I love walking around and talking to people.  I love working in the less well off parts of town and just stopping to hear people's stories.  This was an awesome outreach event and a great way to spend my Saturday!