Monday, July 1, 2013

A Filipino Wedding

I traveled to the E.G. Montilla team and stayed a few days, arriving just in time for the wedding at the Camboayon Southern Baptist Church, which is also about to celebrate their two-year anniversary as a church.

The church was a bit too small to fit all the Americans, so we watched from outside. As a photographer I was able to sneak a few shots from the inside as well.

The wedding wasn't much longer than you would expect in America, clocking a bit past an hour and ten minutes or so; the service included song, message, and the signing of the marital contract. Because it was all in Cebuano, I can't tell you what was said, but I like to think it was a memorable occasion. The reception was a great time too. Located only twenty feet from the chapel, we had a rice and pork feast and plenty of RC Cola. Different cuts of pork, including intestines and the skin, were arrayed on the table. I enjoyed them all, though I can't speak for the others.

All in all it was a great time to sneak a piece of the Filipino culture and see the blessings come upon the church here. Be praying for the couple as well as the church, that they would remain faithful to God and that He would bless their faithfulness.

The Camboayon Southern Baptist Church, right on the main thoroughfare of the village. 

The street was a bit muddy, so the bride had to tread carefully. 

Decorations made from banana plants. 
Signing the marital contract as part of the ceremony. 

Because how often do you get wedding pictures with Americans?

Lechon baboy (roasted pig)... traditional fare for big occasions