Monday, July 1, 2013

Prayer paddling!

Houseboat homestay:  Life on the lake

What God is teaching us:
We definitely did not get what we expected. Even though we expected to be living on a basketball barge teaching sports to the kids of the village, due to repairs we have been limited and our main source of connection with them has been through teaching English in the afternoons. We have had to learn to be flexible but it has been great to see the changes that have come about and how we've grown for them. All of us have learned a lot from the people at the lake here as well and the way they live their life. 

Typical houseboat on the lake
Life on the lake:
We live on a floating barge in the middle of a lake. Our main task is working with four teenagers who will be translators for future teams and future cross-cultural workers themselves. We have been teaching them English and they have been making great progress so far. They are great, and we have loved to be able to spend time getting to know them and pour into them. We also have been teaching English to 15 other kids in the village and build relationships with some of the families there. We get the opportunity to to go prayer paddling and pray over the village and everyone in it. 

Prayer requests: 

  • Praying for the other barges for quick repairs so we can do our job here more effectively 
  • Pray for safety on the lake for us and all the people at the village 
  • Pray for our health, as we faced some sickness but we're already doing much better! 
  • Pray for the believers and non-believers here at the lake, that their hearts would continue to be moved by the Holy Spirit