Monday, July 1, 2013

Dieu a bon..... God is Good

Each morning we wake up and begin our Bible study at church, which always is full of encouraging words, time spent together studying the Bible, and intimate prayer. Following Bible study, we break bread with one another having lunch, which consists of some of the best food I’ve ever tasted. French people sure do know how to cook!

After lunch, we work in an apartment that is located above the church. So far we have scraped off old wallpaper, applied plaster to the holes in the walls, primed the walls with a glue mixture, and are placing fiberglass sheets over the walls first before coating them with paint. 

God is doing a mighty thing here in France, and I am beyond excited for the church in the way it is headed, not only physically, but also even more so spiritually. I am constantly challenged by hearing testimony after testimony of people sharing Christ with people around the area and living for Him throughout their daily lives. Please continue to pray for the many who are lost in northern France, as it is predominantly a Muslim area. A quick saying I learned recently in French: Dieu a bon, or "God is good".... and I really can’t say it enough.
Working in the apartment
Blessings to all,