Monday, July 1, 2013

Battle on the Bayou

As most people would assume, we came to Molokai expecting to live in Molokai this summer. Little did we know that we would venture to the bayou of Louisiana. Okay, so maybe we did not actually make it to Louisiana, but at children's camp this week, everyone pretended that we had stepped into the swamps of the South. The theme for the week was the "Battle on the Bayou." Of course, people there equated the bayou with the South, so Matt, Jillian, and I were the poster people for the week. We played the country parts in the skits and put on a real thick accents for the children. They loved it!
Competition Time

Camp started Monday morning and ended Friday. Approximately fifty-one children came out to join the fun ranging from mostly second through seventh grades. The week was packed with early bird, morning, and afternoon swims, Gator Hunter vs. Swamp Logger competitions, skits, songs, cafeteria games, Scripture memorization, missionary stories, and the Word of God. The children and adults alike had a blast! We were reminded before camp ever started that camp was for the campers and not the counselors. Going in with this mindset helped us a lot. We were hanging out with the children from rise and shine to lights out. Some of the children really made connections with us, and I am excited to say that some of those children also asked Jesus into their hearts. About fifteen children made decisions this week! We are so excited! Hopefully, we will still be able to stay connected with some of the children throughout the summer. 

Hanging out at Snack Bar
We had many fun and funny moments in this action packed week, but all that is nothing when compared to the salvation of souls. Some of the children had never heard the Gospel in a real way before. I was overcome with thankfulness for all those people who took time out of their lives to share with me God's love. Now, I am sharing that story of salvation with those who need to hear it. The whole team is beyond thankful for this opportunity to share with the people of Molokai.

Please Pray for:
  • Open connections with the children we met this past week
  • Continued health for our team members and the people here
  • Our upcoming ministry assignments
Reading the Bible

Chilling on the Beach