Monday, July 1, 2013

Encouragement on a day off

Yesterday we had an awesome experience on our day off. We spent the whole day in Brugge, Belgium walking around the downtown area. It was a nice time of relaxing after a busy week of work. As we were walking downtown, we took a short break to discuss where we wanted to go. As everyone was conversing, I heard a man over my shoulder speaking in English, with an American accent. So I turned around and tuned into him to see what he was saying. He was definitely American! Dressed in a cartoon outfit and making creatures out of balloons. I began to be engaged by the questions he was asking his audience of five teenage girls. He asked themSuppose you were caught stealing something out of your neighbors house, and you had to go to court and were about to be sentenced to five years in prison. Right before you’re condemned, someone busts through the door and says ‘I will pay your fine in full!’ What would you do? Would you accept that sacrifice? Of course! I know someone that has paid in full on the cross for your sins. See girls, your sin keeps you from doing good; it consumes you. But Jesus Christ perfectly sinless, died on the cross for our sins, paying the debt in full, and three days later after his death on the cross, he rose from the dead and is alive still today.
As this man was displaying the gospel before these girls, they were in total awe of what was being said. You could tell questions were churning in their brains and eventually, one spoke up and started asking: How could Jesus do that for me, and how can I deal with my sin?
He continued talking to them and told them “All you have to do is believe in what Jesus did. He is standing at the door and knocking.” The girls kept having questions about Christ and who he was. It was so awesome to see Christ work in this man’s life with just making balloons. As the girls’ questions came to a close, he challenged them to seek God, and pray to Him that night. He told the girls that Jesus would help them. As the girls received their final balloon, they were off and the professional balloon artist shared with us his love for Christ, and how he trusted in Him. He shared a story of tithing to God for the first time even though he had a car that was broken down. After that Sunday, God brought not one vehicle his way, but two. God began to bless this man for his giving heart and relying on him completely. As he shared his story, it pricked my heart in a way that I began to question myself if I trusted him with EVERYTHING. One thing he told us that I will never forget was: “When you begin to witness to others, you will start to find the biggest source of encouragement.” It was a divine appointment that we met this wonderful man on our day off, when we least expected it. God knows just when to send someone our way to inspire and encourage us when we need it most.
Pray for this man as he shares the good news to many people around the world.
Pray that we would be as bold as he.

The group the man was sharing the gospel with

Mike & Brent
Mitch & Geoffrey

Lindsey & Mitch
Brent & Mike

Lindsey & Geoffrey
Blessings to all,