Thursday, July 4, 2013

2013 North Africa: Seeing Dreams Bear Fruit

Week 2 

PV had a vision of a building being built for service to a poor community. And here we are several years later, standing on the roof of this building. 

2013 North Africa - The view from the roof (soon-to-be second floor) of a building used for His work.

On the way to the top of the building, we passed by many ladies with heads covered, we passed by children walking around and singing songs, and we saw a group of young people studying the Word. We were blown away to hear songs praising His name. 

2013 North Africa - After singing, the kids are getting ready to do some coloring.
PV hopes to add a second floor to this building where young people could stay, learn more about the Word, and serve the surrounding community. 

2013 North Africa - Ladies praying before leading the activities.
 PV desires that this will be available for the younger generations to know Him and make Him known.

2013 North Africa - The view of the children from the top!
 This is easy for me to write about, even exciting to hear and talk about; but to have actually lived through this, pushing through the obstacles, discouragements, and the long years from when he received this vision in a dream to the day this was open for service, is a completely different experience and story. 

I asked PV about his unwavering, steadfast faith, saying that I wanted something like it, and he said "Stay strong in the promises of the Book. Believe them and hold to them more than anything, more than you even believe yourself." 

May that be true. 

2013 North Africa - See part of the beautiful garden in the midst of so much desert and dry land!!!!!