Thursday, July 4, 2013

Aloha Mondays

Every Monday night, Kaunakakai Baptist Church, another church in Molokai, throws an event called Aloha Mondays. It is not anything fancy, just good food and fellowship for whoever wants to come from the community. This past Monday was our first opportunity to go, and what a blast we had! I knew the moment we walked through the gate that prayers had been answered. The lawn was crawling with children from camp! While I pushed kids on the swing and taught others the cup-clap game, Jillian and Matt had the opportunity to talk to some of the adults. They were blessed by their conversations with the people and were able to be a blessing to others. We were very glad we went because we got to love some of the people from Molokai!

Please pray for:
  • strength to keep on going
  • the weekend of Hope in July (a big ministry opportunity)
  • continued boldness to share the Gospel