Thursday, July 4, 2013

Story Time: Mexico Trailblazers

Today, we got an amazing opportunity to share some Bible stories with children -- one was planned, the other was impromptu. 

In the morning, we spent time at the children's home with the church from Tennessee. In addition to playing with the children, we shared the story of the Good Samaritan and lead the children in an arts & crafts activity that corresponded with the story. 

The children there are always very receptive to hearing the stories -- almost as receptive as they are to playing soccer, drawing with us, or being held. 

However, in the afternoon we had an unprepared story time -- one that was ordained by God and commissioned by the Holy Spirit. 

When we went into our village, we met up with some of the kids there who expressed an interest in playing soccer with us. Once we agreed, they gathered all the kids on the street -- about 15 in all -- and went to the field.

On our way to the field, one of the kids came up to us and started reciting the story of the demon possessed man from Mark 5, a story we shared with him last week. When he finished telling us all he remembered, he politely asked, "Can you share some more stories with us today?"

We couldn't miss out on an opportunity like that! After we finished playing soccer, we told the kids we were going to share a Bible story. They all gathered around, sat down and listened intently as we recounted how Jesus raised Lazarus from the grave. 

Please pray for more opportunities to share Bible stories with these children.
Pray that God would move in their hearts to receive these stories through the Holy Spirit