Wednesday, July 3, 2013

How a 12 year old taught me to love like Jesus

The girl's home I am staying in is home to 34 teenage girls that have suffered some kind of abuse. Tonight is the first night I got to hear, firsthand, a girl's story of how she was abused. How her mother hurt her. The pain that she endured when she was less than six years old. Told me the stories behind her scars.

It broke my heart. It made me angry. I could not understand how in the world someone could treat this girl that has stolen my heart in such an evil, horrible way. The more she told me, the more tears came to my eyes. It made me want to yell at her abusers. I felt they needed punishment; they deserved it...right?

This sweet little girl, before she was taken away by a social worker, was asked "Do you want your mother to go to the prison, or do you want her to have her freedom?" And do you know what that six year old girl's response was?
"Let her have her freedom. I still love her; she's my mom. Plus, she doesn't have Jesus in her heart."
What?? was all I could think. This child was hurt so much, in unspeakable ways. Yet she let her abuser go free. She had the option to let her receive her earned punishment, but she let her go, because she still loved her. I could not wrap my mind around how she could even think that way.
That's when I felt Jesus say "You were that little girl's mother. But I let you free-because I love you.
It hit me like a freight train. I treated my Savior in unspeakable ways. I hurt Him in ways that deserved punishment. I should have been punished. But, Jesus did what didn't make sense. He let His abuser go free.
He said "Let her have her freedom. I still love her; she's my daughter. Plus, she doesn't have me in her heart."
And that's how a twelve year old taught me what it truly means to love like Jesus.


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