Thursday, July 4, 2013

Not Beyond Hope

Traveling with the Rescue1 team to Alabama this weekend was nothing short of enjoyable.  Of course I could never complain about getting to stay in a gorgeous house with memory foam mattresses and a heated pool, but the true joy of the experience came from getting to see people from all walks of life showing enthusiasm to enter the anti-human trafficking movement.  Watching and simply getting to be a part of the growing movement to end slavery and to fulfill the biblical command to care for the oppressed was both heartening and humbling.  I do not think that it will ever be easy for me to hear the stories regarding the realities of the trafficking world or to see the statistics indicating how many are currently being exploited, but one thing that has been reiterated to me this summer, and again was reemphasized this weekend, is that the issue is not beyond hope.  And this hope comes only from Jesus.
Some might think that this sounds trite, but there is simply no other credible source for the expectation of liberation and reconciliation than the One who gave His life to restore all of creation to its intended relationship and potential!  He is the Liberator and Reconciler—our loving Intercessor and the One who allows us to be empowered with the Spirit in order that we may accomplish the work of the Father.  If it were not for Him, all of us would be trapped in slavery to our own sin with no hope of freedom, and if it were not for Him, we would not be able to fully and confidently address the issue of abolition in our time.  He has called for us to pour ourselves into the downtrodden and to give ourselves to His will and has promised to be with us always—who are we to question this great calling or to think there could be anything better in this life?  In short, this weekend was yet another reminder of what I believe to be my calling as a Christian and of the great, hopeful passion that I am honored to be a part of.

- Ana