Monday, July 17, 2017

A Shared Love for Reading

Paige and Naomi admiring baby Jobell,
Jay's newest baby boy!
During one of the shifts at clinic last week, Amy got to chart for the birth of a sweet baby boy. His mom, we'll call her Jay, was so sweet and very talkative. Her English was excellent and she truly loved engaging in conversation. Later that day, after shift change, Naomi and Paige got the opportunity to meet Jay and help with her postpartum care! Again, she was extremely talkative and so fun to be around! 

Unfortunately, her bana (husband), could not make it to the birth so the girls got to spend a little time talking with and keeping Jay company. They wanted to find a way to visit her, but she lives almost an hour away. After thinking about it, they wanted to do something special for her. During their conversations they had figured out how much she loves to read English books, including the Bible. We all ventured to the mall and explored the shelves of a book store. We picked out two books that we thought would be perfect for her and could help guide her in her spiritual growth. At her 3 day baby check up, Naomi and Paige presented her with the books! She was excited to have them and even began reading them before she left the clinic.

Please pray that God will speak to her and reveal himself even more through these books! 
Pray also that God will provide her wisdom as she raises a family to love Him. And we all know she could probably use a little guidance from the Lord as she raises 3 energetic boys!

-Mercy Midwives