Friday, July 21, 2017

How are you?

As we start this week at the Baptist Center here in West Africa, this is our last week of regular English classes. It is strange to think that we only have two more weeks with the men and women that we have come to know and care for. Somehow in preparing for this summer, I didn't realize that we would become so attached to these people and this place. 

Our team has been sick this week, almost all of us taking a turn, so most of us have missed at least one class. When we got back we were greeted with "How are you feeling?" and (my favorite) "How is your body doing?" It amazed me then that God brought me across the ocean to get to know these people so that I can be an effective witness for Him. 

Pray that our team would stay healthy so we can effectively use the last of our time here. 
Pray that our team can use these last two weeks to continue to build relationships and share truth. 

-English in Africa