Thursday, July 27, 2017

The Great Commission is even for home!

Man, this summer has been a blessing. God has been answering lots of prayers and has been working in people here on the island. We just want to take a moment to give praise God for being with us in our adventure here on this island. 

When we reflect on what God has done, we’ve come to realize how little faith I had in him back home. Because of what He has done for us, I am motivated to continue His work and take it seriously when we get back home. Sometimes, we fall into our responsibilities that we have in our lives by doing these things if we are certain that we are getting that. In reality, God has a plan, and our plan is way different than His. We need to come to terms that planning things is an ok thing to do, but God has a greater purpose for all of us to do and those things do not matter at all. 

What matters is going out to the nations and making disciples. However, you don’t need to go on a short-term mission trip and travel halfway around the world to fulfill the Great Commission. We are called to share the Gospel anywhere we are. Everything that we have learned on this trip will not be forgotten and we will bring it back home to share with our friends and families. Even though I miss my home, I rather sacrifice my own comfort and take action to do what God has called us. I ask that you pray for our team as we spend these last days here on the island and that God will continue to use us till the end.

-Johann M.