Thursday, July 13, 2017

Setting out into the Unknown

We set out on June 1st for the adventure that God had placed ahead of us. After 2 full days of travel, we were jetlagged but too excited to really care, we had talked about this moment for months and we had finally made it! In the capital city for one night, we were able to explore a pagoda (a Buddhist temple). Witnessing people bowing down to many different statues of the multiple gods that they worship, was heartbreaking. Their unshakable devotion was evident as they brought their children to teach them the ways of Buddhism, our hearts were heavy as we learned that these children are taught to walk the streets asking for food because that’s the way they please their gods, plus that’s the only way they eat. Our hearts were burdened for the people in that place and they are forever in our prayers.

Leaving the capital city we set out to our final destination, coming off the plane we were greeted by unexplainable hospitality. We knew we were going to like it here, it felt right! We piled into a van that was open on all ends but had bars in place of windows to provide a nice little breeze as we drove toward our destination. Prior to arriving we didn’t have a clue of where we would be sleeping or what they had in store for us but we soon found out that we’d be staying on a college campus. As we pulled up there was this beautiful, newly built, never before lived in, white house with a red roof. We were told that this is where we would live, all 13 of us girls (we traveled with the Family Camp Team as well). We entered the home to find a toilet, a squatty, 2 showers, an area to bucket bathe, sinks, furniture and enough room for all of us to lay our heads down at night. God had provided all of this for us, we had not a clue that we would be living in such luxury.

We were to discover later that the organization that is 100% behind the Lord’s mission in this country had been praying for a team to be sent here for 2 years. They had asked that the Lord would send workers to reap the harvest here and they had prepared a place for them... for us. How faithful these people were to pray for us for 2 years and for the Lord’s provision to be evident. We had the honor to meet these faithful women, sit in their presence and speak with them about what the Lord had sent us to do; to serve in clinics and provide encouragement to those living in camps far away from home. They were each able to lay a hand on us and earnestly pray, what an honor it was to be in the presence of the Lord’s faithful servants. 

We had also been informed that they area we were to be in had not received rain in too long a time, the crops were drying up and ground was beginning to crack. Our team came together and we prayed, and prayed and prayed for rain. Since the moment we spoke these words, the rain has not ceased, it comes every night but provides us clear days (most of the time) to do the Lord’s work! The power of prayer has been evident this summer! We’ve really enjoyed integrating ourselves into the culture, purchasing the women’s traditional, long skirts with beautiful d├ęcor on them (longues), (confession time, may or may not have purchased 5 already). The food also is delicious, I talk about all this culture for a reason, because we’ve noticed that they truly enjoy and honestly are more willing to listen if they notice the effort we put forth to be a part of their culture, they admire that and we admire them!

Prayer Requests:
·        We ask that you remain prayerful for the believers here, that they will remain steadfast in what the Lord has taught them and that they will continue to reach out to areas that may not have the resources to access the gospel.
·        Please pray also for the non-believers that they will be confronted by a person of peace in the area and that they will seek out His truth.
·        Please pray also for those devote in Buddhism and other religions that they will hear the truth about the Only Saving Grace and that their households will grow up with assurance that they will spend eternity with our Savior because they believe in and proclaim the name of Jesus Christ.
·        We pray that this darkness that has captured areas of this country will dissipate so that the Lord’s beauty can be unveiled, so eyes will be opened and hearts will be changed, so harvesters will be many and souls will be won!

·        Remain prayerful as the Lord does His work in this place!