Tuesday, July 18, 2017

"You Siem Reap What You Sow"

This week, our team had the opportunity to take time to tour and visit Siem Reap. While we were there, we got to spend time with our sister team, Whatever it Takes for Cambodia. We saw many of the ancient monuments and even visited the night market. At the night market, we were reacquainted with our Caucasian comrades, white people everywhere. We had the chance to eat a tarantula. We met a man named Douk and had the opportunity to pray over him, and hear his story. 

Prayer Requests: 
  • Focus- that we will be able to finish our last two weeks, with perseverance to sharing the gospel 
  • Revival- that God would stir in the hearts of the Khmer and build His church here
  • Strength- that our team would have strength and energy to finish the task that the Lord has granted us with
-Embrace Cambodia