Friday, July 14, 2017

Encouraging Disciple Makers

While doing some EV work at a local mall, my small group came across a woman outside of a movie theatre sitting by herself. I asked if I could join her and she grinned and nodded yes. After talking for a bit with the help of a translator, I found out that the women had a few children, she was a follower of Jesus, and unfortunately, her husband passed away just 2 months ago. As she spoke about her husband, she didn't really show any signs of sadness. It wasn't that she didn't care, she just had a peace with her. Her peaceful spirit made me question why she wasn't upset. She said "I know my God had a plan through all of this." This stunning response made me jump to the conclusion that she must be an amazing spokesman for God's kingdom.

I asked if if she had been sharing her peace that she has found through knowing to gospel. To my surprise, she nervously laughed and said no. I began to share with her that she has an amazing gift that she is keeping from so many of her friends and family. She has the opportunity to spread the hope we have in Jesus with the people of this city! I explained that the fear she had from being rejected wasn't people rejecting her... they're rejecting God. 

Saying these things to her was a reminder to myself outside of this trip. WE as believers have to share with the people around us. We know our culture best, we know our language best, and most of all, we are called to share. We need to let the power of God put our fear to rest! I thank God for this woman and ask that you pray for boldness in her and continued boldness within our team!