Friday, July 28, 2017

Wonderful Time in Zimbabwe

Our time in Zimbabwe is quickly coming to an end; honestly this idea upsets me, but it is good to think back on our time in Zim. It has been a truly amazing summer full of so many wonderful things. Things haven't turned out exactly like we planned them, but the Lord has worked through all of that. It is good to think of all the opportunities that God has allowed us to be a part of in our time here. 

We have been able to work at orphanages, markets, schools, and soup kitchens, and we have had the opportunity to see some truly beautiful things the Lord has created such as Victoria Falls, the mountains of Zim, rocks at Matapos, and lots of wildlife. 

I think the best part of our time here has been the relationships that we have developed. People from the markets are so generous and kind, and their friendship and love means so much to me. The church we have been attending has been a wonderful church home here in Zim. They made us feel at home from the very beginning, and developing relationships with them has truly been great. I have especially enjoyed the fellowship with the young adults. I have talked with several of them about our lives and the fellowship that we have. 

In some ways we are very different, but in some ways there are things that unite us. Two such things are the Lord and food. There are things that I love about the life and people here that might not be so true about our lives in the states. I love how their focus is more on relationships and not time. Their joy and laughter is contagious to me, and I absolutely love to laugh with them. I will miss them, but I know that our relationships will continue even after we leave. God has also given us an opportunity to grow as a group. We barely knew each other when we arrived, but now we have a deeper friendship. This summer has been an incredible experience that I wouldn't change for anything.

Please pray that God would continue to work here in Zimbabwe, and we would continue to see the opportunities that God is giving us.