Thursday, July 13, 2017

Relationships, Laughter, and Love - Advance Team

This past week has been filled with relationships, laughter and non-stop love being out-poured by the team as well as the villagers in our new village. We have officially moved to our second village of the summer and completed a week of ministry. It has been great! 

We have thankfully been able to share the Bridge Gospel Track 82 times since we have arrived in the new village! People are very open and welcoming as we ask to return for Bible studies and just hang out. The kids love hanging out with us also! The elementary school is right next to where we are staying and we always have sweet faces saying "good morning" and saying "good night". 

We have really appreciated the friendliness of the people here. God's hand is definitely working through the relationships and I can't wait to see what more He does! God is so faithful and continues to reveal Himself through working in this kind of ministry with us relying on Him more and more as we go along. He is truly all in all and is all we need.

Please continue praying for endurance as we only have about 12 days of ministry left! The days seem like they are not long and there are still so many who need to hear. 
Pray for our hearts to continuously be broken for the people that are lost as well.