Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Friends Forever

I looked at him and asked, "C, are we friends?" His honest self said, "Well, I've only known you an hour, but we'll be friends forever." To have such an instant connection with a pal my first day in Cambodia (7/2) made my heart skip a beat. He questioned my intentions from the beginning though. As soon as he asked how long I'd be here, he wanted to know when I'd be back. 

At the time, our team was only spending one day in Phnom Penh before leaving for the village for two weeks. So as soon as we met we had to say goodbye for a little while. When our big bus came rolling back to Phnom Penh on July 16th, C was waiting for me. He knew I'd be back. We hung out a few minutes before he had to leave, but my heart was longing to know this kid more. His life. His heart. 

On Saturday, our team had some down time, and I was in my usual spot on the balcony writing in my journal and reading my Bible. Honestly, it was grand. After a busy week evangelizing on the campus of RUPP, I was soaking in the rest and quiet. 

Five minutes in though, I hear, "Kara, come unlock the door. I came to play with you." Looking through the peephole was C. He joined me on the balcony for the next three hours as we talked about everything, played Uno, and drank coconut water. This 13 year old boy poured out his life and his heart to me. I had prayed for this conversation. 

He has been coming to the church we are partnered with for 5 years but was not yet a believer. During our three hours together, we talked a lot about what it looks like to follow Jesus. I asked him the hard questions and vice versa. It was clear he knew the truth and was ready to accept. I asked him if he was ready, and he said "yes but I will do it tomorrow at church with all of my friends there". I was hesitant because I know tomorrow isn't promised, but thanks be to the Lord that at church this morning C became my brother in Christ. We really will be friends forever. I am abundantly thankful for those moments in life that may seem like interruptions that are truly divine interventions. 

-Multinational Advance