Saturday, July 29, 2017

Crossing Cultures

Earlier this summer we met a group of men who were involved in homosexuality. They all played volleyball all day and every day. In fact, volleyball is how we met them. They are all around the age of 20, but some are younger and some are older. Two of the boys on our team (Joseph and Ben) asked them to come over for a Bible study. The leader of the team, J, texted us not long after meeting him. He even brought a few of his volleyball friends with him. We began doing Bible studies with them a few days every week. Each Bible study had a different group of guys that J had brought to us. 

One of the groups contained a man named T. T was a lot like J at first and kept coming back to hear more about God's word. One night we decided to have dinner with them. As always, T and J were there with a few new faces. After dinner J had a long conversation with our team leader Ben. Ben shared his testimony with him and was able to share more about his relationship with Jesus Christ. Meanwhile the other guys were talking to the rest of the team and some of the other Philippine Nehemiah Team members that live with us. T got to hear a testimony from one of our Philippine friends that completely changed his heart. He hadn't realized that what he was doing was wrong according to God's word, but it wasn't too late to fix it. 

Ever since that night T has been at our house and disciplining with us just about every night. In fact, he was even able to lead a Bible study with his friends at our house just the other night. His appearance, mannerisms, and heart for God have changed drastically. He goes to work and comes to our house every day leaving no room for him to be tempted by his past lifestyle. God is truly working in that man's life. J is still bringing more and more of his friends to our house for a Bible study every night and learning how to be more obedient to God. 

Through this group of men our team has been able to see what God can really do. All it took was Joseph and Ben being obedient to God. They heard him tugging on their hearts for these lost men. All the men on our team and on the Philippine Nehemiah Team have truly been amazing examples for the volleyball team on what godly men look like. Also, the girls at our house have played a great role at comforting them and showing them that they are capable of over coming their temptations with Jesus Christ fighting for them.

Please pray for T, J, and the rest of the volleyball team. 
Pray that after we leave they will continue to come back to the Philippine team members to learn more and more about God. 
Also, pray that they continue seeking others to disciple. Some of them are dealing with persecution at home, work, and from friends. Please pray that they will be able to have the strength to fight those persecuting them the righteous way.

Self-Defense Team