Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Bridge

A few weeks ago we were in the city at the mall finding people to share with. We wandered over to an empty massage chair setup in front of a store where there were two workers. We sat down in the chair and they told us that it was for "members" who pay a certain amount of money. That opened up an opportunity to start a conversation with the workers while we were waiting for some of our team to come out of the store. 

I was able, with the help of my translator and team, to ask them if they had celebrated Ramadan - as it had recently ended. One said he was a Muslim and that he had celebrated while the other said he was a Christian and had not. On the topic of religion I decided to go ahead and share. I asked him the reason why he fasted and he explained to me that it was, in many ways, to find favor with Allah. I then told him that I too fast at times, but it's not to find favor with God so he can forgive my sins. 

I explained to him the gospel starting with Adam and Eve and how it was God who provided the first sacrifice and that in the same way he provided Jesus as a
sacrifice for his people to cover and wipe away our sin and to restore our relationship with him. 

He seemed to be receiving what I was saying but I was unsure if he understood what it all meant and if he understood the world changing importance of Jesus. To my surprise he asked me after I was finished sharing if Jesus was a sort of "bridge" between man and God. I was beyond excited that he had come to this conclusion because it showed not only was he listening and comprehending, but the Spirit was moving and revealing to him how Jesus' sacrifice restored our relationship with God. This is encouraging for all of us because it shows that it is the Spirit who moves and opens eyes and hearts to the Gospel. Praise God!