Saturday, July 22, 2017

Team Favorites: Engage Cambodia

Brian: The coolest thing was seeing kids from our night class start coming to church. Building relationships with them and being able to share the gospel outright has been such a blessing. These are a people I'll never forget.

Mikki: It has been so neat to see glimpses of the work that God has already been doing here in Cambodia. It has been such a privilege and a joy to join in & be a part of it! I absolutely adore the students we've been working with as well as the family that we have been staying with. I have been very inspired & encouraged by the faith of our host family. God is so good!

Abbs: The biggest way I saw God working was through our relationships. Our students memorized verses every week, and we prayed everyday as a class. The relationships that were built with our family and students was only a work from the Lord, it was so cool to see His continuous faithfulness.

Nathan: In our night English class, the excitement the students have shown about the Bible stories that we have been telling them about Jesus is awesome. The relationship with some of the older boys in our home and showing them God's love has been really encouraging.

-Engage Cambodia