Monday, July 17, 2017

God Is The Only Explanation

This week we brought our supervisor back to a new village we had surveyed. This was an amazing opportunity because we were able to see familiar faces and reconnect with one of the persons of peace that we wrote about last time named S.  S was the friendly person we met the night that the team went prayer walking.  The circumstances of that night were so unexplainable that the hand of God was obviously orchestrating the whole thing.  I recommend reading the article written by Caleb called, “Jesus The True Vine” to get the full backstory and to see how God worked through Caleb and our team!

After arriving in T village, we ate lunch at the place our team had stayed last time and talked with our new friends.  Our supervisor talked with our new friends to see if the homestay would have any room when the new team arrived next week. Sadly, all the rooms were full so we were counting God would provide a place somewhere else. 

After being unable to reach one of our persons of peace named H, we decided to walk to the home of S and see if he was home. We found S at his home with his family. After further discussion, he told us that we were lucky to come today at this time because we would have been unable to reach him due to a busy schedule during this week. This definitely was not an accident, but providence of God. Our supervisor asked if S would allow the upcoming team to stay at his home in the near future, and S was more than excited to have them stay with him.  

When we left T village, we were talking with our translator and supervisor about how every time a new contact is made in a village it is always from a crazy story. The stories are so crazy that only God can be the explanation.  He truly is in control and will always provide. Praise Him!

Please be praying for S that the Holy Spirit will begin to convict his heart before the upcoming team gets to T village in the near future.

-Aaron G.