Tuesday, July 25, 2017

House to House

Early in the week our host mom told us Saturday we would be doing house to house visitation with the students’ families . We were both so excited to see some of our students’ houses and be able to interact with their families. We went to the market early to get some soy sauce, fish sauce, and sugar to make small gift bags for the families. As we went to different houses in the village we asked if we could pray for them. Most of them asked for us to pray for good health, their sick loved ones, work, and to be able to allow their children to finish their education.  Most of the houses had small temples in there yard where they will offer sacrifices to the gods. Every family was very welcoming. One family even offered to have us stay for lunch. We were amazed to be able to join them in their houses and pray to our Lord with them.  

Pray that visitations can happen regularly and the Gospel will be shared in the homes of the students.

-Erin and Ash