Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Airplanes and Faith

Our team lives near the airport. So the sound of airplanes landing and taking off is a constant one in our tiny apartment. It seems though, that as our time to leave Thailand draws nearer, the sound of each airplane gets louder and louder. It’s a daily reminder that I will soon be leaving behind the city I have called home for 2 months.

With this constant reminder, my team and I were discussing how we feel about going home. All I was able to come up with was a “I don’t know.” Don’t get me wrong, I am excited to see my family and friends. But I am equally, if not more so, burdened over this city and the amount of work that still needs to be done.  It seems that everywhere we turn there is darkness: the girl in the bar, finding her worth by earthly standards. The young child, learning from his parents how to properly bow to the golden image set before him. The face of the man riding his motorcycle, empty and as hopeless as they come. The harvest certainly is plentiful, and leaving it behind has been a hard reality for me to grasp.

In 7 days, I will board an airplane that will carry me back home. I cannot avoid this. But I also cannot ignore the darkness I have seen here. Nor do I want to. And so, with the reality of going home so close, my team is praying boldly, full of faith and expectation. We are praying for more opportunities. Praying that our friends we have come to love so dearly will choose to follow Jesus, forsaking all the idols and good works they have known for the majority of their lives. We are praying, all the while clinging to the promise that the Word of God will not return void (Isaiah 55:11). We believe and know that even though our time in Thailand may be coming to an end, Jesus is far from finished with His work here.

In our last week of ministry, here are some ways you can be praying:
  • Opportunities to share with our new friend Aae.
  • The English classes we have started and the Bible study we are able to have with the women.
  • For our team to have faith and peace in the work Jesus will continue here in Thailand as we prepare to come back home.