Sunday, July 16, 2017

New friends... new opportunities

Some of the events that we have held at the Guesthouse have been game nights, a karaoke night, worship nights and a very special Fourth of July celebration complete with American games, hot dogs, and red, white and blue decorations! Throughout these events, we were able to have conversations full of laughter and fun to build friendships that will, hopefully, draw others closer. 

On game nights we sometimes play “Spicy Uno.” It turns out that “Spicy Uno” is the same game we play at home except for having quite a few more rules. On karaoke night, we sang a lot of popular songs and sometimes our new friends would pick songs to sing that we could learn. We had a microphone set up and had a blast. It proved to be a great time to share, engage, and work on building those important relationships with others. These new friends of ours have come to know that the Guesthouse and English Center are safe places for them to talk about issues they may be going through at the time.

Pray for the relationships we are building through these events. Pray that we will have opportunities to talk about spiritual things.

-Great Commission English Center