Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Perseverance to Finish the Race: Advance Team

I thank the Lord for continually leading, guiding and giving us the perseverance to press on as we continue to spread the gospel to everyone and teaching the truth.its such a great privilege that we have been given many opportunities to share the good news to several group of people and with the increasing number of bible study contacts we have for now.its so vivid that the people are really in hunger for God's word and in need of someone who could be like "Philip" one who could help them understand what the writing (bible) mean. the people whom the team have encountered were very grateful and joyful as they perceived us as messengers of God's word. truly, the grains are ready to harvest and there's a need for laborers to do God's work. May you be with us in our prayer, as we ask the Lord to strengthen the team and make us always sensitive enough as we continue and even complete the task God appointed us even in just a short period of time or days left . let's pray together that may our sovereign God will continue to heal or let the Spiritually blind to see and the deaf to hear so they can know, understand and live the word of truth and live with hope through the only life-saver, Jesus Christ.