Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Speak the Word of God

I met a young man some weeks ago at a pick-up futbol game we initiated. His name is Curtis. His interest in studying and being taught the Bible is growing. We have shared the truth of how to be saved multiple times and are still learning about his Zambian Roman Catholic beliefs (different than those of other countries). 

We allowed him to join us evangelizing, so he was able to hear how we shared the good news and how to know if someone truly is a Christian. Even yesterday, he came to my discipleship Bible study despite him living a great distance away. To top it off, he has invited me to come "speak the Word of God" to the youth of his Roman Catholic Church next week. Praises! 

I asked to attend his church today and he agreed. I wanted to gain a better understanding of what the youth are being taught and exposed to in the church. Unfortunately, he brought me to the Kikaonde service, which begins just after the English service. Nevertheless, he and my trusted neighbor Bakatongo (friend of the missionary) helped me understand what was happening and some of what was said. Curtis gave me summarized sections of the message and Bakatongo critiqued many things according to the Bible. It worked quite well. We, the two visitors, were the only two with Bibles. For this reason, I know exactly what I will teach over next week. The same lesson I have taught at all four schools. Study the Bible for yourself to protect against false teachings...using Matthew 4:1-11. 

Please pray for Curtis and the youth of his church. 
Pray that they would strive to understand the teachings and commands of the Bible and that they would not be won over by the fancy attire and attractive words of a false teacher.


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