Saturday, July 15, 2017

Whatever it Takes for Cambodia - updates and prayers

This last week we ate some snail, not as bad as we thought. We got to meet some Korean missionaries, and spent Sunday morning in a local village. Every Thursday and Sunday the youth students who live here go out to local village and do Sunday School out there with the kids. We also tag along and it is so great to see the youth leading such important things.  We love being in the villages, it's so quiet and peaceful. Some of the churches run 15 kids while other villages will have over 75 kids show up. This last week we also got our visas renewed without having to travel 6 hours to the border. We were able to travel 3 hours to the capital. We have also been getting new students in the school which are answers to prayers. Last January the school lost some students to other schools. But since then our host family has gained the students that transferred and some. Once we leave there is another volunteer coming to help. This volunteer has no support so the host mom has taken it upon herself to help raise support. We only need about 8 more students to help support her long term stay here.

Bible study group
We have reached the halfway point.  Our hearts sadden because that means in about 3 weeks this journey will be over. We look forward to the next three weeks because our relationships with the local teachers here have been strengthened and Bible study is still going strong. This last week we got some quality time hearing one of the teacher’s stories. She is 21, lost her mother her senior year of high school and could not express how thankful she was for the church.  We love sitting and listening to our host mom tell stories. We love learning so much from her and her life here.Some days can be discouraging because of the language barrier and not being able to verbally give Gospel straight to the kids. But we know our host family here is focused on that and I am here to serve them.  

Prayer Requests:
  • The last three weeks we will stay focus and do the work we have been given with joy
  • God will send more students to the school
  • Homesickness
  • Bible study with the teachers
  • The senior students are about to take their end of the year test. They have studied so hard. Pray that they will pass.
  • Relationships will strengthen
  • God will change lives and hearts

-Erin and Ashley