Thursday, July 20, 2017

Seeing True Beauty

God has blessed us these past few weeks and we are very grateful to God that he has given us so many opportunities to share the Gospel to these people on the island. Our supervisor wanted us to take a break from all what we were doing and go on a spiritual retreat to connect with God in a deeper understanding. We ended up going to a village on the east of the island, which was famous for snorkeling.
While we were there, we got to a set of small islands to do snorkel in the coral around us. We got to experience these beautiful islands and majestic waters that God created. When we got to our destination, we started snorkeling and it was an experience I thought I never experience. We saw so many aquatic life and seen many fishes that I haven’t seen personally. It was amazing to be doing that and we were really grateful that we got the opportunity to experience that. 
While heading back to our hotel, we saw a glimpse of the sunset over some mountains of the island and how the light of sun hit the ocean at a perfect angle. It was breathtaking and I nearly teared up, but it reminded of a story in the Bible when Jesus walked on water. When He and His disciples were fishing, the waters of Sea of Galilee were so out of control that they couldn’t get out of the storm. When the disciples told Jesus what was going on, He looked out to the sea and told it to stop. Jesus calm the storm and seeing the sunset on the waves just reminded how His power is everywhere we go. To the most foreign places to places we are used to back home.
              With that being said, our team and supervisor had the privilege to get together and pray for each other and for the people on this island. It was such a nice time in fellowship together. It was also good to have a to to refocus & refresh of why we are here. I pray for the people on this island... that the Lord will reveal to them in some form or fashion, and I pray for our team specifically as we encourage each other by pointing each other to the Lord.

-Johann M.