Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Believers Encouraging Believers

This past week our team has been evangelizing on the campus of RUPP in Cambodia. Every day we have spent 5-6 hours just going up to students asking if we can sit and talk with them. Eventually we share the Gospel and talk about their religious background. 99% of the people we talk to are Buddhist and always have been. Honestly, it can be pretty exhausting... and leave you feeling defeated. 

One morning, Jadyn and I were feeling the lack of sleep and were really praying for a good conversation. The day before we had talked to a lot of people, but we were hoping for quality over quantity. Our second conversation was two girls (M & L) who seemed excited to talk with us. We quickly found out M was actually a believer and L was Buddhist. 

The next two hours we spent eating ice cream, laughing, and sharing all that the Lord has done in our lives. M is 19 and is studying English at RUPP. She has been a believer for 2 years and has since led her two younger siblings and cousin to Christ. Her parents are Buddhist but are indifferent towards her believing. She said at first they were not happy, but now they see the difference in her.

Before she became a Christian, she applied to leave Cambodia. She failed the interview so was not allowed the future she had once hoped for. As a follower of Christ now, she knows that it was the Lord's will that kept her from being accepted. If she had left, she may have never came to a saving faith in Jesus and her family members would definitely not be believers. She feels called to be a missionary here in Cambodia. She serves in her church on the worship band and helps with children. Her heart is so evident and the time we spent with her was a huge encouragement to us as we hope to her too. And about L, she simply said, "I'm just not ready yet". 

I pray that the Lord would do an inner work in her life, so that she may have the same hope we share. The hope that crosses all cultural differences and language barriers. 
Pray specifically for M to continue to be bold in her faith. If L spends much time with her, I can't help but pray that L will want what the hope that M has. When I say M's joy is contagious, I'm talking like real contagious!! That's the joy of the Lord down in her soul! 

We were able to have some more evangelistic conversations later that day, but the Lord knew what our hearts needed to be refilled. Going home is always easier when you know that there are native believers pouring out their hearts and fighting for the Gospel. 

-Multinational Advance