Thursday, July 13, 2017

God is Working through Relationships

It's good to see how God is working in our interactions with the people. We are beginning to develop deeper relationships with them. It is good to be able to get closer to the people of this area. We have been hanging out more with the young adults at the church, and it has been rewarding to be able to fellowship with the Christian young adults. It actually feels like we are making an impact to see our relationship with others grow and deepen. When we missed a week, the ladies at the market also asked about us and why weren't there; they also want to make sure that we were going to be there this week. It is so good to see that they are truly interested in the Bible study that takes place. On Sunday we also learned that one of the women went around and evangelized in our place, and she said people asked about where we were; it was nice to see that God is truly working in their lives. It is also good to see that they are taking a genuine interest in the things of God.

Please pray that we will continue to see God work in this area and that people will grow in their faith.