Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The Gospel Must Go!

Most of us would say that we were called to go the Philippines this summer—whether it was because of a specific sequence of events that happened prior to enrollment or a desire to go out and share the gospel with a people group that may never otherwise hear about our Lord, Jesus Christ. We are all college students whom perhaps otherwise would’ve spent our summers with our families & friends, at the beach, at our home, or even in our soft beds with the television on. Rather we are in the Philippines sleeping on a pad, hand washing clothes, and doing what we can to endure the scorching heat. 
The fact is we were called to go... not only to the Philippines... but to share the gospel in every place and baptize people in the name of the Trinity. We were commanded by a calling in Mathew 28:18-20 to go out, no matter the cost. It doesn’t matter where we go; it matters that we go. We may endure hard times, rough environments, unresponsive people, sickness, fear, or sleepless nights. We endure all this so that we can see lives changed, hope given to the hopeless, joy overflowing from the sorrowful, a sinner’s immeasurable debt taken away like a breeze in the night. We go because of what our God has done for us, and because He is worthy of all praise. 
We aren’t special. We are no different than other Christians. We are followers of a self-sufficient God that came down to Earth and died a bloody, painful, humiliating death that we deserved, then rose from the dead three days later and gave us a command to share the good news that He has conquered hell and is sitting at the right hand of God. This is the God we follow, and the entire planet must know of him—that they can worship Him or rebuke Him. We are commanded to go and share the good news; we are called to the place that needs the Gospel. In other words it is our responsibility to share the gospel where we are and where we go. We share the Gospel regardless of the cost: social labels, persecution, extreme heat, extreme cold, leaving your family, leaving the culture you know, or enduring sickness. With the God who loves us enough to conquer death, armies couldn’t stop us. What’s stopping you?

Romans 12:1
Luke 9:23

The Gospel Must Go!
Nothing will stand in its way!

Please be praying:

  • For physical and spiritual strength to finish the race our Lord Jesus Christ has set before us.
  • For healing from sickness of team members and Filipinos
  • For endurance that we may finish our final weeks strong and sharing the Gospel.
  • That we return home changed and on fire with the spirit.
  • That our focus will be on sharing the gospel and not our earthly home.
  • For strength, courage, and wisdom as some of us fight spiritual battles.
  • For spiritual growth of new believers in the Philippines.
  • That non-believers would be open to hearing what the Bible says, and not just their culture.
-Riverboat Teams