Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Persecution in Southeast Asia

Persecution. For many people in Southeast Asia, persecution is very common. Let's take one of our students, SC, for example. SC is absolutely sold out to the Lord. She loves to serve Him, she loves teaching others about His goodness and grace. If you watched her, however, you might notice she sometimes isn't at church on Sundays. You might notice that she has to leave for home before anyone else. You might notice she brings a change of school clothes with her to put on before heading home. What you don't know is that sometimes, SC's father locks her in her room on Sundays so she cannot leave. She's been beaten because of her faith. Her Bible has been burned so she leaves her home early to read her new one at a friends home where it has to stay. And yet, the joy that is in her heart and so pure and strong. SC has counted these costs of her faith and decided everything is worth serving the one true God. This story is one of many from the Believers here. There are students who are hesitant to accept Christ because they know what they will lose. And there are some students who decide that loving Jesus is worth losing the love of a family, the security of a home, and the respect of a community.

We invite you to pray for our students and Christians worldwide who face persecution in a variety of ways.

  • Pray for SC. Pray her Father would come to faith in Christ. Pray that she would be continually strengthened by the Lord.
  • Pray for our other students who are Christian and face persecution in many ways: CR, S, Ch, A, Y, Y2, & D.
  • Pray for our students who have been presented with the Gospel but have not accepted it because of what they would lose: V, S, S2, N, S3, & S4.
-English for EV & Discipleship Team