Thursday, July 20, 2017

Outreach With Mercy Midwives

Saturday morning the Mercy Midwives strapped on their backpacks, Chacos, and water bottles, caught a jeepney, and set out for a day full of outreach! Partnered with two sweet midwives from the clinic, we visited the home of a mother who delivered about 2 years ago. Nanette, one the midwives accompanying us, actually delivered this mother's baby and was so excited for the chance to visit her again! Once we were settled in her home, we found out that she is already a born again Christian. It's always encouraging for our team to hear the stories of mothers who have discovered and accepted the love of Christ, even when they may not have been raised to hear such things. 
As we got to talk with Jo, she was very open and honest with us about situations she is dealing with in life. We were able to read to her from Psalm 139 and James 1:2-4, and share a bit of encouragement about how the Lord is always with us, through ups and down, trials and joys alike. We explained to her the importance of forgiveness, prayer, and looking to the Word for answers to life's hard questions. Even though our hearts are heavy to share the gospel with ears that have never heard, we also take such joy in being able to encourage fellow sisters in Christ. We truly feel like God lead us to Jo's house today. 

Even as I sat in the room listening to all of this conversation, I myself was reminded of how much the Lord loves us. If we all pause and think about all the times we have not lived for Him or we have sinned against him, it is hard for our human minds to grasp how God's love and forgiveness can remain the same. Sometimes it is hard to forgive others here on this earth. Hard feelings, pride, and jealousy often have a way of weighing us down. But when we look at the cross we are humbled by the grace that the Lord has shown each of us numerous times and are therefore able to show others that grace. I can only pray that the Lord speaks to her heart about forgiving others as much as he spoke to mine today. 

Please join us in praying for Jo. Pray that God supplies her with wisdom as she makes some life decisions. 
Pray also that she is able to provide for her family and that relationships around her would be mended and healed.  

-Mercy Midwives