Friday, July 14, 2017

New Relationships

The English Center where we are along with our Guesthouse has been a busy place since we arrived. When we first arrived, we began to hold meetings on Tuesdays and Thursdays to engage in conversation with members and new friends. There are about 10-15 people that form a core group with which we work specifically on sharing conversations and building relationships with each other. Some of these are Christians and some are Muslims. We enjoy each other’s company and have found that these new friends of ours just love to be around us. 

There are a few of them who are interested in what type of relationship we have with Jesus Christ and they ask questions. I have developed close friendships with a few of the girls and a couple of the young men. They have asked me how I can be so happy all the time and wonder if I feel peace and love. I have been able to tell them a little bit about my testimony and they, in turn, have shared some of the things they struggle with. I can see that the Father is working in their hearts. Some of the girls that are Christians, are very passionate about growing and learning in their relationship with Christ. One young man in particular who has become a close friend of mine is a Christian, but doesn’t seem to have a very solid view of living and showing what life with Christ really looks like. He wants to spend time with us all, but does not have the eagerness to grow. I have asked him what he thinks blocks him from growing in his personal relationship with Christ and he says that anger and stubbornness have been hard to overcome. I have explained to him that this relationship requires giving it all to Christ. 

The other young man that I have befriended is Muslim. He does not have a strong tie to the Muslim religion, however, and appears to be searching for something to bring him peace. I will ask that you

Please pray for these newfound friendships and that Christ can work through me and our team as we reflect the power of the HS in our own lives.

Great Commission English Center