Thursday, July 27, 2017

Whether Short or Long

This past week seemed to be packed full of important moments, and sped by as we just tried to keep up. We said goodby to our "Senegalese mom" as she headed out of the city, had long conversations with the students where we shared the Gospel, held  the last of our summer classes, and stayed up late one night to go listen to a student play jazz at a restaurant in town. Every day that goes by just seems to show us more and more how precious these people have become to us, and as our time to leave comes closer we are desperate to use every moment of every day. 

When talking to one student, he told me that he believed the Bible to be truth. He said that the Bible held the answers to how you should live your life, and I stood waiting for him to tell me that he had made a decision to follow Christ. That moment didn't come, though, and it seems to me that he and others here are stuck between understanding the importance of the Gospel but being unwilling to give up everything they would lose if they chose to follow Christ. 

The missionaries in this area have been ministering long and hard, waiting for there to be a response. Even in the short time we have been here our team has come to realize that as Paul says in Acts, "whether short or long" we only hope that the people we have come to care about will make that decision to surrender their lives to Christ. Whether it takes twenty days or twenty years, we pray that God would move in the hearts of these people. 

Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray for the missionaries here, that they would continue to minister even when there seems to be little response.
  • Please pray for the student mentioned above (M), that he would make the decision to give his life to Christ. 
-English in Africa