Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Meet the Team:English for EV & Discipleship

Hey y'all! We are three Mississippi girls ministering to high school and university students in Southeast Asia. We visit University campuses in the mornings to share the gospel with students and invite them to our English class where we teach them English using the Gospel!

Meet the team!
•Hannah is 21 years old and she is pursuing a degree in Dental Hygiene. She LOVES ice cream and serving the Lord.
•Ashley is 20 years old and she is pursuing an Intercultural Studies/Nursing degree. She loves photography and has a true heart for the nations.
•Marissa is also 20 years old and she is pursuing a degree in International Studies. She loves chicken and desires to make God's name known.

Please pray for us as we disciple students and teach English to Unbelievers. 

Pray for our students, that the ones who don't know Christ will come to faith and pray for the Believers, that they would grow in their walk with the Lord. 
And pray for us that we would continue to have good health and that the Lord would use us for His Kingdom!

-English for EV & Discipleship