Monday, July 24, 2017

Change for Christ: Advance Team

Since coming to the Philippines I have experienced many amazing things. Among these are a naked man chained to a wooden post; two pigs being mated in the middle of the road; climbing a coconut tree; riding a pig; Filipino restrooms; riding on top of a bus while dodging tree limbs and being pelted with rain; and many more!

But these things are small in comparison to what I have experienced with the Lord: I have seen Him save and change sinners. There is one family in particular that we have seen the Lord change. After sharing the gospel with this family, several members of the family made professions of faith. This included the mother, father, and some of the children. Many times after people make professions of faith we are not sure if they have "real" faith, but not with this family. We had the opportunity to hold many Bible studies with them, disciple-ing them. We saw them change. We even heard them share how they were being persecuted by their neighbors for the change in their life! This family has changed so much that even the non-believers noticed a change!

I had the opportunity to lead this family in a Bible study about Nicodemus. Nicodemus was the Pharisee to whom Jesus said, "To enter the kingdom of heaven you must be born again." I shared with them when I had my "second birthday" and how you must have a "second birthday" to go to heaven. They eventually realized that a person has their "second birthday" when they become Christians. I asked them if they knew the date of their "second birthday." They responded with excitement, jumping up from their seat to look at the calendar. They found the date of their conversion and I encouraged them to write it down. It is amazing to see God change people and excite them about their new life!

This family is a very good candidate to host a new house church, but they are yet to be baptized. Please pray for this family and my supervisor as she will be doing follow-up ministry with them after the summer. Pray that they will be baptized and begin meeting with the other believers in the village on Sundays. Please pray for our team as we are searching for more families of peace like this one in a new village. Thanks!