Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Take it to the Rim: D-Now, the FIlipino Way

This isn't a critique of the American church, but having led D-Now for a church in America, I see the inherent flaw in how we do it.

What altered my mindscape was having a team of a half-dozen orphans live in our two-room house with us, pushing the total up to 15, and listening to them as they followed us around and spearheaded as we championed the Gospel around Ilijan. We got to be the leader in a "Come and See" discipleship - the biblical way. The result of that was the gospel being shared with 38 households in less than 24 hours, what a praise that we could see the Word spread to the corners of the villages and the fire in the children's heart winded us to an extra gear of evangelism as well.

Pray for those children that they'd be adopted by Christian, loving homes. 
Pray for our thirty-plus new contacts, that we could do the appropriate followup with them.

Praise for Maurice, a granddaughter of Tatay L, who shared the Gospel for the first time and is pursuing the Lord actively in her life, she could be a bastion of Christ in this community after we leave.

Speaking of "after we leave,"pray for D and C, who are aware that they are in charge of the ministry once we leave, which is in two weeks. We are handing the keys of the ministry to a 15 year old and a 22 year old who is only there in the summer. Pray the Lord would carry this burden for them, and that they'd play their part in building up Ilijan.

Praise for Nanay A, a woman who has genuinely accepted Christ in her heart. Pray her faith would grow as she prays for her family's salvation - which was our first indicator she was serious about her faith.

Pray for us, because once you round third and see home plate, it becomes progressively easier to envision yourself there. Pray we can focus on the task at hand in spite of the fatigue.

Praise we were able to share the gospel after a day of true labor - moving rocks and mixing concrete to fix up a house. The end result? A chance to share with a man the splendors of the gospel.

This upcoming Sunday we'll have our last house church service, pray and expect the Lord moves.

The laborer is worthy of his wages.