Saturday, July 15, 2017

"We Don't Speak Khmer"

We are all doing really well. We have sincerely enjoyed all of the moments we have had with our students and family. Something funny that we have come across is that one little girl that we live with has not grasped that we don't speak fluent Khmer. Everyday we have to remind her that "We don't speak Khmer." It is a fun experience that we enjoy to experience everyday. 

Our team has had the opportunity to try some new foods.This week, we got to try pigeon and silk worms. From the words of Brian, "It was slimy yet satisfying". 

Fun Memories of this week: 
  • We had a family outside bathing experience. It all started when we had a small water fight at our home, but then things escalated. Then they brought out the shampoo and we had a hair washing party.
  • This past weekend, there was a convention at our church. There were 30-40 pastors from the province to come and train together. There was a visiting pastor & his wife from Florida and we got to be encouraged by them. It was so cool to see how the Lord has been faithful and to see how He is at work here.
  • Also there a mud fight which began as a harmless game of soccer in the rain. 
Prayer Requests: 
  • That our team would remain healthy to finish the weeks strong
  • Travel safety from going to and from places
  • Daily energy and strength 
-Whatever it Take for Cambodia