Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Little Rafiki

We’re starting our second week, and the Father is continuing to burden our hearts for the people here as He shows His love and faithfulness.  I continue working with the x-ray tech at the hospital. He has been so helpful and kind while this mazungu (white person) is learning the language and how to x-ray in the African style!

One of the first patients today was a 4 year old girl who had swallowed an earring. At first, she was very shy and wasn’t really interested in playing with me at all. As I continued to try to break the ice, she began to warm up to me and became my little rafiki (friend). We were able to dance and swing in circles while her x-ray was drying on the fence.
It is truly amazing how the Father opens your eyes to see the harvest when you least expect it. While my little rafiki and I were playing, I noticed that the adult with her was a beautiful, young, Cousin lady. My heart literally began to break as I realized that this family and my new little friend do not know the One True Hope, the One True Peace, and the One True Love. I also began to truly realize the lostness of this area. Unless someone is here sharing the Good News with these people, they will NEVER hear. Today has definitely been a day that I will always remember.

Please continue to pray for the people of this area. 
  • Pray that their eyes will be opened to the Truth. 
  • Pray for the national believers that they will be bold in their faith and in sharing with those around them. 
  • Pray for the local missionaries.